Planning your Phone Sex Domination Session in Advance

Phone Sex DominationIt has come to my attention that sometimes it’s not easy to hide your tributes or phone sex domination session payments to fit your everyday life. I am well aware that having a darker side requires discretion and so keeping that in mind, I am now offering a “banking” service per say. When you know in advance you will be having time away from your little darlings and your significant other, you may begin paying for a phone sex domination session in advance. I will put it on account for you and hold it until you are ready. These funds will be used toward your session or perhaps purchases needed such as your implements of pain/desire. Seems to me they are one in the same but so be it. This system is not to be abused. Any slave doing so will surely get their balls in a wringer and I do mean, wringer! This gives you the chance to make smaller payments for a few weeks here and there until you have a proper session saved up for. You may request this by email.

Enough of that now. Mitch is one such slave who will be taking advantage of the offer and already has planned his phone sex domination session. Seems we have a “date” Memorial weekend. There are a variety of “toys” I will be indulging myself with to use on him. He has already shown me some home grown devices shall we say. I adore innovative slaves. We have even discussed his desire to venture into cuckoldry. We have also been exploring the voyeurism as a tool as well. When at work or alone, his cam is always on so I can check on him at anytime. I can speak to him if I want too. He knows he better be doing what I told him or …well let’s leave “or” to the imagination. Suffice to say he is under my thumb at all times.

Now for those who think they can instant message me, tell me what they want and what I should say and do verbatim; I think you have me confused with your wife or current shanghai girl. If you wish my time, call me. I don’t take orders. If you wish that, please check out one of the other shanghai girls on The Phone Sex Bar. They will be very happy to help you. Me..I will cut your balls off. At least beat them for awhile at least. LOL.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ms. Lorelei

Robot Fetishism

Robot Fetishism and sexual gratification.

Greetings to those who serve and those who long for it. womanrobotcor_450x350

I have been talking to my Obedient slave, John, recently. I say Obedient because John enjoys Robot Fetishism phone sex and sometimes referred to as techno-sexuality. However, I think there is a fine line with John between the Fetish itself and being controlled through suggestive hypnosis. Repeated commands to instill his lack of control and his need to obey much like a robot does. Either way, John is one slave I truly enjoy speaking with.

Now having touched on the techno savvy I know there is extremes in any fetish out there. You can either be the Robot Fetishist who gets turn on by the idea of sex with a robot, mannequin or other similar things or you can get turned on by BEING the robot etc, such as in John’s case (ASFR). Remember some of those James Bond movies where the hot girl shot bullets from her tits? Which of you didn’t get a bit turned on by that? Who didn’t question what it would be like to get banged by a life like robot who doesn’t get tired and can be made to your specifications; be it man or woman. Everyone indulges in techo eroticism to a point. From thinking about sitting on the washer during spin cycle to using your personal vibrators. From acting like that robot to buying a sex doll to fuck; all varies degrees.

For now, I will enjoy my Obedient Robot John as he is.

Ms. Lorelei

Sadism Phone Sex

Phone Sex and Sadism with Lorelei Dane

Pain slut MistressI was in a mood the other day and needing to express some of my displeasure. Sometimes it’s rare when two things align on the same day to cancel each other out. I was in need to lash out and it so happens, a slave was in need to be purged of his inner demons. Who could ask for more? Dax came to me lost in his soul’s dark turmoil. He needed me as I needed him and so we began.

While I watched him comply with every command, he began his self-torture for pleasure. Let me assure you, he did please me. He started with his crop, dressed in his lingerie and strike after strike, took those lashes until his skin turned color.Sado pain I needed more and so did he. We moved to his paddle as he worked his ass over, I told him how weak he was. Each crack leaving his ass redder than before. I still needed more. I made him line up his balls with those clothes pins; a hole row of them. Then he was told to use that paddle and smack them off his balls and nipples. I watched as he obeyed and got a pasty white; catching his breath as the pain ripped through his body.clothespins 002

I continued as his arm tired and his mind gave up. I was pleased he took so much to make me happy and as he sat there in tears, I couldn’t help but smile. I know we will find each other again when things are just right and he will once again suffer so I may find pleasure. This isn’t about sex or sexual gratification, its about one person doing all he can to please another. And that is in itself perfect. Sadism and phone sex can go hand in hand if you open your mind.

Ms. Lorelei

Domination and Phone Sex

Is Phone Sex Domination different?

Domination is so many things to many people. I personally believe it to be the control and acceptance of such between two people. What I can’t abide is those who come into the phone sex industry and think they can “do” domination phone sex calls because they can yell louder. They think its all about whips, chains and making a person quiver before you. People like that are pathetically stupid.

Phone Sex DominationDomination is more and can be carried over into phone sex if done properly. I suppose it works for the weekend warriors who merely wish to “play” at being controlled or owned. Personally, I can’t be bothered.

I have those under my hand that crave it and need it. It’s a yearning they can’t get under control and don’t wish to. They give to me everything they are with a trust in knowing I will not take them were they can’t possibly thrive. Do I push their boundaries? Of course I do. Each step is carefully taken so that the submissive becomes more trusting and more at ease with his experience. Ease allows them to free fall into the mindset or subspace as some like to call it, without worry of harm. It does not however show lack of control.

Ms Lorelei

Financial Slaves

Financial Domination and the role of a Financial Slave

There are two kinds of Financial Slaves; those that are and those who wish or pretend to be. The later of the two irritates me. So what is financial domination and a money slave? It’s the control over and the one who finds the need to be controlled even over their finances to be erotic and often part of a deeper submission. They are willing to do anything and everything to please. Sometimes limits are pushed so a slave must work harder to prove their obedience but a smart Mistress will not cripple her slave. A financial slave who is broke and unable to take care of his Mistress is worthless. Beware of those who ask too much beyond your abilities.

00182-023-2048pxMany times financial slaves will take over one of their Mistresses bills and pay it religiously as part of their need to worship her. That can arranged between the two parties privately and usually a Mistress will have all their slaves’ information. This means complete divulgence of all financial matters and assets and usually done once there is a serious trust established between both parties. Never should you randomly give out such information casually. Contrary to what some say, both sides must EARN this trust as with all BDSM relationships.

I detest those who like to talk about financial domination or being a financial slave and simply are nothing but empty words. Do NOT talk to me about it unless you are serious. It makes you a liar and already the trust is out the window. Being a financial slave is not for everyone. It’s often coupled with verbal humiliation while the slave is forced to tribute more. This control over the “wallet” adds to his or her excitement and fear of failure intensifies the need to continue paying.

Now, I have been doing this for many years and can always tell when someone is serious or not. Do yourself a favor and go play with some other girl who specializes in roleplay and don’t bother me. If you are serious then you may IM or email me with questions.

Ms Lorelei

Financial Domination

Female Led Relationship or FLR

00074-009-2048pxGreetings my joys. I have been indulging myself with a couple interesting men. As you may guess by the title of this post, both have different levels ofa Female Led Relationship or FLR. Let’s start with John. John is between a level 2 and level 3 FLR. He enjoys the loving connection of this almost motherly/lover relationship in which he gives up control but has serious elements of kink tied in. He enjoys getting anal sex while I torment him to an almost giddy excitement. Our role-play phone sex sessions will include him signing over everything to me in a loving but nurturing way as I command he be naked before me. As I may have mentioned earlier in another post, he is made to strip naked before entering my house. He is then asked to perform duties in which I am pleased or perhaps not with his efforts. He will be punished for those. His devotion has a kink element to it where during our session, he may be castrated and hung; snuffed. Keep in mind, this is the fantasy aspect to his level of FLR.

However, another intrigue is a man I will call “M”. He is a level 4 on the FLR scale. It was part of his upbringing by his mother. Not only was he governed with a firm hand but so was his father. Every aspect of their lives was controlled. There are Five different areas of his life that are controlled and done so because he needs it. He craves it and begs for it. Without it, he can not function as happily or completely with fulfillment. These areas are Life Direction, Free time, Household chores, Finances, and sex. “M” may not ever disappoint or do something that demands punishment but he needs it regardless. I can tie him to the bed and while he fears this act, he needs it and needs to be pushed toward the abyss. Once tied he will be thoroughly whipped, leaving marks for him to endure and feel for a week. Doing this makes him feel complete and better able to function with direction and less apt to feel lost in his daily tasks. He is more focused and a better man for it.

In the more extreme level of FLR, a woman controls everything. Financial domination is a natural occurrence. He will still work and earn as he always had but all funds will be turned over to the woman who leads him. She will pay bills and decide where the money is better spent. He will turn over the financial concerns to her and not think further on it. He is so deeply ingrained into this life that to do so would be against his nature.

I must say, I am very pleased with my two very special pets and look forward to exploring them more.

Lorelei Dane

Cock and Ball Torture or CBT and Chastity Phone Sex

00249-014-2048pxHello my Darlings. I recently had a few of you call and ask what my thoughts were about COCK AND BALL TORTURE or CBT, FORCED-BI, MALE CHASTITY and so on. This confused me because I felt it was apparent that these are but a few of my pleasures. Then I realized that my PHONE SEX BLOG did not reflect these in a permanent list. I fixed that so it should not longer be a question. My SPECIALTIES are now listed. I’m sure there are a few I have forgotten but they will be added as needed.

I would like to move on to one of my most recent sessions. Not too long ago, Mitch decided to set up some sessions with me. Due to work and scheduling difficulties, it took him nearly 6 weeks to complete it. But during that time, he paid for some interesting toys. Here is one. 13481983405131414210244 This is a lovely CHASTITY device for the right person. Mitch was a bit bigger than he thought and so the fit wasn’t exactly right. I loved this session as I sat and watched him perform for me on cam. You can view pictures of his other efforts to please me with some ball crushing. A interesting device he made himself. The world of BDSM offers us each so much to indulge in. He did complain that his balls were a bit tender the day after our phone sex session. I believe that to be a good thing and something he will remember for awhile. We are already planning for our next session.

Perhaps next time I will tell you all about John.


Feminization Phone Sex and Real life Transformations

Phone Sex Feminization and Real life Transformations

Feminization - Lorelei Dane

So you want to be a girt….

No matter which fetish I choose to indulge in, I always try to be honest with my phone sex callers and those in real life that are considering changes based on their sexual needs or desires. Feminization, whether forced or chosen, is multifaceted and there is ALWAYS risk and loss.

Let’s begin with Wikipedia’s descriptions:
• Feminization (biology) — the hormonally induced development of female sexual characteristics
• Feminization (activity) — a sexual or lifestyle practice where a person assumes a female role
• Feminization (sociology) — a perceived societal shift of gender roles toward the characteristically “female”
• Feminization of language — the process of making a word or name female

I have had many phone sex sessions involving this fetish and lifestyle. Those I have spoken to feel lost, confused, elated, humiliated, sexy, and many other emotions I have heard used to describe themselves. I have heard and seen the pain of having to hide who they are and I give them the chance and freedom to explore all of it. I know that having to hide who you are and how you feel because others will not understand, is difficult and often sad. The purpose of this post is not to encourage you to “come out” and be who you are nor is it to tell you to stay hidden.

The purpose of this feminization post is to encourage you to THINK through everything before you do anything.

I love dressing my little slaves and making them push boundaries and do things they normally wouldn’t. I enjoy hearing and seeing the pleasure on their faces and when is all said and done, they go back to their daily lives. Those are the people who can compartmentalize their needs and desires.

Then there are those that have longed to be who they feel they are inside. Dressing up and being a woman is more joy than they can put into words. Let me tell you about Rachel. Rachel came to me saying how no one has made her go past that road block in her life that she always dreamed about. You see, Rachel wanted to suck cock; to be on her knees and service a man. She desperately wanted to know what it was like. Now I have heard this time and time again. Many men think about sucking off another. I suppose it’s the taboo of it that’s exciting.

After a couple sessions, Rachel went to the book store and got on her knees and waited as I told her. The first time was awkward but she came flying back to tell me how happy she was. She had been scared but at the same time, found a need to please me as well as her bookstore partner.

That was in February and since then, she has just been the hottest little cock sucker going. She loves wearing her panties and as she put it, getting rid of the last bit of “maleness” in her. She wants to be a woman. She loves being a woman and loves how it makes her feel. She wants to come out to her family.

This is where I strongly CAUTION anyone. While being who you are is very important and depending on the life you currently lead, you are NOT the only one in jeopardy here. Rachel has been married 8 years with no children. Coming out will have a cascading effect that many do not consider before doing so. You will lose family, friends, and job. You will be put through a wringer unlike any I can devise. People will shun you, chastise you, and hate you. Did you hear me? HATE YOU. Hate you because you are not who they thought you were. They will feel lied to and cheated. I encourage anyone thinking of doing this to seek proper counseling first so you are prepared for all that comes with the territory.

Feminization is NOT for the timid or delicate of heart. Contrary to what many think, you have to be a strong individual to handle everything that will come your way or stay quiet and tuck it neatly into your purse for only you to see.

I am here for those who need the phone sex feminization or to talk over their true feelings. I can be your sounding board or the woman who will dress you up and humiliate you for your desires. I will call you all the names you dream about and make you so sexually aroused you don’t know if you are coming or going. I love feminization and being the Mistress that makes you quiver in your panties.

I hope my post has made you Think.

Ms. Lorelei

The Victim – Phone Sex Domination with Lorelei Dane

One of the most common themes brought to me is that of a victim. Being who I am, men come to me with many needs; most to have their control taken from them in various ways through phone sex domination. There is eroticism in being forced to do what you normally wouldn’t; To be bound, helpless, and vulnerable increases one’s heart rate just a bit more and heightens one’s senses as well.

All slaves are trained. I don’t believe in those that are born naturally to the predisposition of being submissive. They are a product of their environment and what they were taught from a very early age beginning with their parents. This should be no surprise to anyone. However, what and how they each choose to embrace that submissiveness vary greatly and some choose merely to give up control to another temporarily.

One example is that of a fully functioning submissive who in normal routine of their life, lives as the average guy on the street. He is not humble, shy, weak nor soft spoken. He moves about as anyone would until there is that chance encounter that stops him dead in his tracks. While most people have that “chemical” reaction to another, this is slightly different as it doesn’t have to be on a physical level. This is deeper and it happens when a Dominant individual expresses that strength in such a way, that a submissive person picks up on it instantly. Looks are always a plus but don’t necessarily matter.

There are also those who spend their lives in complete control. Those people in power on a daily basis run businesses or have jobs that put them in a position to exert their will in one form or another. Some examples would be Doctors, Lawyers, Police, and so on. These are the slaves that wish someone else make the decisions and remove the burden for awhile. Others are in high pressure jobs similar but not excluding what I just mentioned.

Never mistake a slave for being weak or helpless. He/she is quite the opposite and any weakness they exude is there only because they have given complete control over to one they deem as their Master/Mistress. You can’t say the words “I’m your Mistress” and instantly have a slave at your feet. There is more to it than that. There is a connection, a reaction, that recognition between two people that makes the relationship work.

Sexual gratification in a BDSM session is again, different. It’s a temporary rush of excitement with a Dominant that you may know well or just met for session purposes. The sexual need itself can make you want to give up that control but usually only for the duration of the session. Being bound in whatever position your Master/Mistress desires and knowing you are completely unable to resist, adds to the thrill. Being blindfolded, touched, teased or whatever other methods that are chosen are used to pull you deeper into your submission.

For others, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about submission or slavery, it’s about being vulnerable: period. In this case, a person is bound, sexually used, tortured, tormented and left with a fear of what will happen next. They have no say or control over what happening to them or what will. It’s not by choice but the quickening of one’s heart is the same.

Most importantly, no two Masters, Mistresses, or Dominant is the same. We each have our own point of view and those who truly understand this lifestyle, respect that in one another. I do NOT buy into the crap that a person can snap their fingers, state “I am your Master” and have it so. I can’t begin to tell you how laughable that is to me. You either are or you are not dominant and each slave/submissive should be wary of those who play at it. If you aren’t, then you could be victim to a whole other thing and one you may regret.

Ms. Lorelei
The Phone Sex Bar

My Religion and Phone Sex Domination with Lorelei Dane

00182-012-2048pxAs promised by my titillation on The Phone Sex Bar, let’s speak about religion. To make sure we don’t skew ALL religion, I will narrow it down to Christianity. Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs per the dictionary. So this can include Buddhists and other groups. They are not who I am thinking about because honestly, I have no experience with them.

I had recently gotten a letter from someone I have never spoken to and of course, trying to convince me that I was immoral for my thoughts and phone sex domination activity. That in itself amuses me. This unstained soul sought to quote all the rhetoric he had been brainwashed with in order to convert my tainted ways. I like my ways. In fact, I LOVE my ways. But let me get serious a moment. Most the sexual things I enjoy with my phone sex callers and personally, were already done by the Christians. Those nasty little men with grubby fingers that poked and prodded women during the witch trials or perhaps during the Inquisition, when they were so determined to save souls. Sadists dressed as Christians and if you question it, lets take a look at the Pear.

pear-of-anguishIf you are unfamiliar, the pear was a torture device used on females. This device was inserted into the vagina, or mouth of the victim and then expanded by force of the screw to the maximum aperture setting of the victims cavity. The antrum would then irremediably become lacerated, nearly always fatally, ripping the tissue, flesh and membranes. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Mind you there are all kinds if historical documents showing that in fact, those good Fathers of faith, fucked and enjoyed their sexual deviancy regardless of what sex. They were perverts and nothing has changed. The news is full of those of Catholic faith, molesting youth, or those bible thumping, ne’er-do-well, who has sex with his “neighbor’s” wife or killed some guy to get him out of the way for sex. SEX is my religion and I don’t hide it behind good Christian morality.

Now, not all are twisted fuckers as spoken about above. Some people really do strive to do the best they can but there is no such thing as a perfect Christian since the time of Christ. I do not force my ideas on others or condemn them for not believing as I do. But if you step into my backyard to educate me on my behavior, be prepared to have yours exposed.

To be clear, it’s not the religion I oppose, it’s the people who hide behind it and do what I do in the name of the God, all those closet freaks who don’t have the guts to put it out there openly and yet call me for phone sex. Please, spare me your crap. In fact, let me introduce you to some CBT! I can surely show you a much better time and if you are going to be miserable, let me help you. You might find you actually like it!

I have recently ordered some new toys for one of my upcoming phone sex domination sessions and can’t wait to post those pictures. I will be busy for a couple hours Memorial Day Weekend with a very eager slave. Perhaps you would like some too! Bring your own toys, I’m sure you have them.

Ms Lorelei

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